Monsoon tis never enough

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Saying that enough has been said about the monsoon is like saying we have had enough of the rain.

While there may be a few people who may have had enough of the rain already and sure I can understand that one could feel that way especially if you have lost your land, livelihood or loved ones to the unforgiving power of this phenomenon….

Uttarakand Monsoon
Uttarakand Monsoon

but the truth is despite the suffering of the people of Uttarakand and Assam, most of the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and almost every other part of the country need this water desperately and as they need it so do the people who work in KPO’s, BPO’s and U NO WHO’s of this country. ‘nuff said.

 Monsoon Hangover
Monsoon Hangover

The thing is I have a serious hangover…from the Doordarshan days. I remember waiting and watching the news on DD …yep you read it right …the NEWS on DD! The reason was that back in the day only the news on DD used to show the weather update and a small part of the weather update use to be the satellite image … I loved that moment when the screen would flash an image like this …

Doordarshan weather Report
Doordarshan weather Report

This image would generally lead to at least 20 minutes of heated discussion on the dinner table with four expert meteorologists holding forth over mouthfuls Rice, Dal and fried Bangda ….which by the way was not very fresh… considering it’s the Monsoon, which can’t get over soon enough for the Koli’s waiting to get back into the seas. But then one person’s curse is another’s sweet gift. The plight of the Assamese versus the delight of the Maharshtrian, the boredom of the fisher folk versus the joy of the kayak people, and the thrill of the pavement dweller …who for a few minutes/hours has a swimming pool in the front yard….

Monsoon eve
Monsoon eve

What about ever getting enough of this song? Is it possible? Is it possible that two people will ever enjoy being filmed getting wet and enjoying it with more enthusiasm than these two people?

getting wet and enjoying it

and I am pretty sure we have all had enough of this song ….

yep …never want to see those two people wet ever again…i am not even going to put up an image here… ‘nuff said. When the rains do come around there are always plenty of sails going around as well, OOPS ! What i really meant was sales

Monsoon Sales
Monsoon Sales

And on a completely predictable note ….we have some pretty cool sale going as well.

ENOUGH, ALREADY By Rajesh Baruah



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