Flight Advice made more powerful

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Goibibo’s Flight Advice feature has grown more powerful with more parameters and more refined search results allowing customers to select best possible flight combination seamlessly. This feature can be explored on international flight search results page.

Goibibo’s Flight Advice feature
Goibibo’s Flight Advice feature

This takes the selection of search results by user more seamless, intuitive and intelligent. Enabling the ‘Dig Algorithm’ will abandon from the classical approach of sorting results based on fare and will now sort results based on the rating that has been given to individual flights based on their performance on five parameters:

1)       Fare
2)      Duration
3)      Cancellation Policy
4)      Number of Stops (new addition)
5)      Previous Selections by user(next additions)

 A user can further go deep and check by hovering on ratings bar to understand why we rated certain flights better than the other.

As per our tests, the combination of these parameters (with optimal scaling) brings out recommendations of flights or combination of flights that are best suited for travel user has searched. The algorithm is designed to make sure that fare is by and large near about the lowest fare and the duration of flight is shorter with cancellation policy favourable of last minute changes.

This is an ongoing work, where we are working on getting the algorithm even better by understanding multiple other parameters for flights and by bringing this to other verticals like hotels and holidays, We are very excited and would love to hear if you have used the same. Your valuable feedback will bring the best of the product. The next addition of the parameter will be previous selections by users that will make this a self learning system with better and better results bettering with every ticket booked on Goibibo.

The next time you visit Goibibo,do give Dig a try! Who knows,it might save you some time,and more importantly, leads to the optimal selection of the flight seamlessly  & much faster than anywhere else.


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