Photographers Haven and Lovers Hidey-hole, Coorg

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Monsoon is a seasonal break that either ceases your bustling time or offers you to step, dance and play in the flooded streets and soggy fields. Either it brings your childhood back or it makes your adolescence filled with cuddling love and luring lust. Nonetheless the onset of early monsoon is also swamped enough to call off your vacation back to your soaked up house or scheduled office hours. Ah! There you fall in a dilemma. Well chunk together all your emotions, throw aside the office papers, switch of your phone to avoid the bossy calls and frame this season with some quixotic moments… but to where? Obviously not in your room or any landslide hill stations, but drive your daydream and steer your wheels and tick-tock your forthcoming days to the foliage of Coorg.

Lovers Hidey-Coorg
Lovers Hidey-Coorg

Beyond the horizon of the Wodeyar dynasty, a further hundred kilometers of drive, from the palatial hues of Mysore, you will drop in the abode of a sprawling wilderness dotted with vast coffee and spice plantations and spotted with the suspiring calico patches of varied animal lives. Coorg greets you with its evergreen landmass and varied species. Book your flight to Mysore if you are in India or if you are an inbound traveller then flight to Bangalore will draw you in this magnetic natural realm. Thereafter you hit the ramp and as you meander up the hills passing by the heathen plumes of the Bailkuppe Golden Monastery you will acquaint the ethnicity dwelling amongst the inhabiting Tibetans, making Coorg one of the Buddhist pilgrimage centers in South India. The unsung hymn echoing divinely within its walls, contrived with gold-coated Buddhist statues and dilating a series of Tibetan diorama, makes this place an emblem of rich cultural heritage of the Tibetans.

Monsoon is a seasonal-Coorg
Monsoon is a seasonal-Coorg

As you precede your journey deep in the mystic of Coorg, all of a sudden you will adjourn your hot wheels at the Nisargadhama Ecological Park, which you can dub as nature freak’s paradise. Nestled amid the lush foliage and bamboo grove, the dotted deers are worth to sight. Well the surging waves of the River Cauveri will drive you crazy as you cross the hanging bridge.

Mystic of Coorg
Mystic of Coorg

Up and approximately 30kms of drive will drop you to the mighty town, Madikeri that is seeded with some of the best hotels in Coorg including home stays. The undulating landscapes peppered with quaint hamlets, Madikeri is an ideal stopover and a break from your Coorg trot. The evening may further extend with framing some fuddling moments along with Rum, soda and some spice culinary. There you heat up when the climate goes mild and bracing and slowly your time melds with the mist of chirruping night.  Off to your cuddling moment you go and there the alarm breaks your stargazing vibes.

Hotels in Coorg
Hotels in Coorg

Pelt along the chromatic boulevard and the morning rays will drive you up to Tala Cauveri, which is the source of the River Cauveri. This place is more than what you can imagine of. En route the unique architectural work of the Baghmanadala Temple that is believed to exist since the 11th century, Tala Cauveri offers you a breath taking view of the Brahmagiri hills. Nonetheless, this place is considered as a prime pilgrimage center being the confluence of three Rivers where the Cauvery and Kannike join with the mythical river Sujyothi.

Iruppu Falls
Iruppu Falls

Way down from Madikeri, 3kms away, the splashing waters of the Abeey Falls is yet another mesmerizing sight where you can frame up some poses with your dear one. Down the woods, holding her hand… Ah! Don’t be too romantic as you can encounter some elderly tourists or taunting youngsters breaking your privacy, the ambiance truly arise an intuitive feel of lust. There is another perfect hideout having a parallel ambiance. The Iruppu Falls, which is a fresh water cascade, is just 70kms drive from Madekeri.

Are you still planning? Well just pack your bags to leave for a wild, besotted and quixotic holiday to Coorg and pack back home some monsoonal moments in your life. By the way, don’t bring home leeches. While you are holidaying in Coorg, these bloodsucking aquatic worms will surely accompany you often.

By Swairik Das (Ex Goibibo Writer)


One thought on “Photographers Haven and Lovers Hidey-hole, Coorg

    Masaki said:
    March 4, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    trekking during night is not pslsiboe and better not to try. You can trek in the evening and reach the peak before dark and camp there for the night to watch the sunrise.. Permission is not required but taking a local guide is highly advised.


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