Can you imagine a team winning all its league matches in the IPL?

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Can you image a team winning all its league matches in the IPL?

Or a team losing all its matches ….what a disaster that would be!

These are the kind of scenarios that were going through the mind while creating the rules and FAQ’s for the Travel Premier League at

Finally the math is as complex as the mega cricket tournament itself but the simple truth is, the more your favourite team wins the better the discounts on your air tickets when you book on and all thanks to the TPL.

Getting into the fine print, I was struggling with the numbers, like what happens when we have the qualifiers and the eliminator and the finals? What will the max discount possible, what will be the min discount possible? It got realty complex and like any self respecting old timer I figured it all out on the back of a tissue paper which I had saved from the lunch break.

All this is of course academic because what the Travel Premier League really is is fabulous discounts on the busiest sectors while enjoying the MAAZA of the IPL to the fullest.

So get online and book your cheap air tickets while squeezing the max discounts on the TPL ….and of course the Delhi team will win this year. I can just feel it.By Rajesh Baruah


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